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Yay! Seriously, I am so glad you are here and even more excited that you’ve discovered calligraphy and lettering. Now what? No matter if you’re a total newbie or have been lettering for a while. - I’d love to meet your where you are and encourage you along the way. 

If there’s one piece of advice I can offer it’s this:

Now, being consistent looks different for everyone at different times of life. For some of you, you might be able to dedicate 15-30 minutes per day (or maybe even hours a day?!) to improving your skills. For others, you may only have an hour per week. I’m not going to promise you a one-stop-shop “3 Amazingly/Awesome/Artificial Steps to Instantly Create the Best Lettering”. I will, however, use my experience with a busy lifestyle but successful progress to show you the way to better lettering.

Or wait, maybe you just want to be able to occasionally address envelopes or write “Happy birthday” on a homemade birthday card. I’ve got you covered. Lettering guides, tips, projects, inspiration, you name it. The resources are waiting for you. Now, let me show you around a bit...

You belong here if you love the smell of new paper and fresh pens. 

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Consistency is key.

The biggest thing holding me back was learning time-management and selecting the best resources. Sarah was so great to learn from because she understands what it's like to balance so many different things! I felt like she could really relate to me.

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